Caution and agreements

  1. 1. The official center (Apple) may not be serviceable after repair.
  2. 2. Failure to test the function before repair, such as device power up or touch abnormality, shall not be liable in the event of an abnormality.
  3. 3. In the event of a failure identical to the repair details, a 90-day warranty is provided. Exceptions are made for customer negligence (water ingress, impact and breakage).
  4. 4. Your device and accessories are stored for 60 days and can be disposed of upon expiration.
  5. 5. Cleaning expenses related to water ingress are generated regardless of whether or not the machine is operating.
  6. 6. Os upgrade and terminal information may be lost during repair. Backup is mandatory and the data is not responsible.
  7. 7. The protective glass accessories attached during repair may inevitably be damaged.
  8. 8. Personal information is collected for agreement on repair and order for product delivery. It is not used for personal purposes.

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